Brittany Pettersen is being targeted for a recall by sore losers.

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The More You Know

Brittany Pettersen won her election by double digits.
Brittany Pettersen is being targeted by sore losers who are trying to undermine the results of the most recent election. She won her 2018 election by a 16-point margin.
Brittany is standing up for Colorado.
Brittany Pettersen has led the charge at the state capitol to improve the lives of Coloradans. She has helped pass laws that reduce surprise medical bills, close the wage gap, promote retirement saving places, and fight the opioid epidemic.
How do recalls work?
Recalls are a constitutional mechanism in Colorado that allow for the removal of an elected official. A recall petition must garner the signatures that equal or exceed a percentage of the last election's votes. If that occurs, the district will have a two part election: (1) whether to recall the target official and (2) who to replace them with.
What can I do to oppose the recalls?
There are a number of ways. You can donate above, sign our pledge, and you can volunteer with Our Colorado Way of Life. Most importantly, you can decline to sign any recall petition (and tell your friends and loved ones to also not sign).